nursery groups

Within every group, each child is assigned a 'Key Person' with whom they, and their parent or carer, can build up that special and all important relationship.

baby room

Babies of twelve weeks to eighteen months are looked after in a bright, happy, infant room, with a dedicated team of staff and plenty of time for play and cuddles!

We will organise the day and the care to fit in with the routine of the baby and parent or carer.    Whilst awake, babies are stimulated and involved in a full range of activities.

inbetweenies room

Between 18 months and 2 years, a pleasant and warm environment is provided, in which your child can develop their own routine of eating and toilet training.  

Enjoyment is provided through free and structured play, group story times, singing and association so that social skills can evolve.

Each day we will introduce your child to new experiences involving sand, water, building and theme play to encourage a full, more rounded, development.

busy bee room!

The older toddlers in the group, between 2 and 3 years old, will begin to learn basic development skills involving colour, shapes and counting.  

Play is, of course, still crucially important and they will get messy with sand, water and paint as they produce that first masterpiece for you to cherish and display proudly on the fridge at home!

Social interaction is strongly encouraged so that your child becomes aware of their peers and learns to make friends.

pre school room

Your 3 to 5 year old child will be encouraged to investigate and develop further in a pre-school atmosphere.

Stimulating, exciting and demanding activities will give your little one that head start, ready for their next big step.

All activities are chosen so that the foundation stage of the National Curriculum can be achieved and the Early Learning Goals for education delivered...   in all seven key areas of learning, whilst not forgetting the all important fun, play, love and cuddles for your child.